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Peggy's Transformation

Peggy's Transformation
Peggy 2002
You will find my story of reclaimed health hard to believe.

During my years raising 5 children, I drank 5 pots of coffee a day, put 3 packs of artificial sweeter in each cup, smoked 3-5 packs of cigarettes a day, and worked 12 + hour days.

Throughout this bodily abuse, I maintained a size 12 until I was about 42 years old.

Peggy's Transformation
Peggy 2004
Shortly after I met my current husband and best friend, Ken Brown, I began to gain weight.

I had chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, thyroid issues, fibromyalgia, migraines, mercury poisoning, heart problems and other associated problems. I was so sore I couldn't lift my arms to brush my hair.

It was not until we saw the health of our dogs improve on a raw diet that it occurred to us to try it ourselves.

In 2004, I started a 100% raw food diet. Within 6 months, I lost 65 lbs. I saw many of my ailments alleviate and disappear, but I was still not in great health.

Peggy's Transformation
Peggy Fall 2006
Peggy's Transformation
Peggy Fall 2008
Each roadblock I encounter on my health journey propels me to learn more. I received several certifications from most of the major alternative healing centers. I combined that with the vast knowledge I was absorbing from books, audio tapes and videos and bettered my over all health.

Some of my transformations include going from 100% raw to somewhat less than 100% raw, vegan to lacto-ovo vegetarian (only cultured daily) and most recently to eating fish on occasion.
After learning that broccoli should only be eaten steamed or fermented by people with thyroid problems, I steamed up some broccoli after 2.5 years of 100% raw.

Both Ken and I get our nutrient levels checked out regularly by medical professionals. Our last tests showed a considerable improvement after we introduced cultured kefirs, ghee, more fermented living foods and essential fatty acids. We are getting more live enzymes from our food now than when we where 100% raw.

This is why AHI differs from most other alternative health centers. We understand that each individual has different challenges.

You will not be subjected to a dogmatic, off based ideology.

We understand, through personal experience and education, that your path to health and wellness is just that, yours.

I have invested over a dozen years into research and learning about a holistic and positive health model.
My list of credentials include but are not limited to the following certifications:
  • Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute:
    Certificate of Achievement & Distinguished Completion of Living Food Lifestyle Total Well Being Education.
  • Optimum Health Institute: Completion of 3 week study program
  • Hippocrates Health Institute: Certificate for Health Educator
  • Creative Health Institute:
    Certified Practitioner in Health and Healing through:
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
    • Education
  • Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education:
    • Certified Raw Food Chef
    • Certified Raw Personal Trainer
    • Certified Raw Lifestyle Coach
    • Certified Raw Food Nutrition Specialist
  • Alissa Cohen Living on Live Food Certification Program:
    • Chef Certification (Level 1)
    • Instructor Certification (Level 2)
    • Teacher Certification (Level 3)
  • EFT: Certified (Level One)
  • Reiki: Practitioner (Level One)
Peggy Today

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