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"My deepest thanks to the Brown family for introducing me to juicing and the benefits of eating raw... I noticed I wasn't getting sick at all and for the first time in my life I felt truly satisfied with dinner and I wasn't bloated or miserable...I had skin cancer on my arm, about seven spots, I noticed after juicing and eating raw one day I looked down and all the spots were gone...I had a small pharmacy in my bathroom competing with Costco...I eventually threw my vitamins away... I encourage anybody considering juicing and eating raw to try it honestly and fairly and I promise you will see instant results."

The Reimer family - Oregon - May 2006

"I've had amazing and all positive experiences with the raw food lifestyle. Before experiencing raw food I had symptoms of hyperglycemia and suffered regular migraine headaches. I was obese and always felt sluggish.

Now I'm mentally clear and I no longer have dizzy spells. I can have a piece of fruit and be completely satisfied. I don't have any problems with hyperglycemia. I was on medication for migraines for years and that is obsolete. I don't require as much sleep as I used to and I got my weight down to 150 lbs.

I tried going back on cooked vegan but everything that had corrected itself came back. So now I'm back to normal, eating 100% raw. I keep fruit about the house and my teenage children are drinking green smoothies before school in the morning. This energy charged drink keeps my oldest daughter awake and attentive throughout her morning classes.

I had been eating raw food for years and thought I knew a lot. Working with Peggy at Angel's Health Institute was an absolutely eye opening and life changing experience for me."

Tanya - Oregon - May 2006

Me - Before and After!

I suffer from Graves Disease, which affects the thyroid. I have been on medication for it and have been told I'd be on it for the rest of my life. After experimenting with the raw diet myself I noticed some benefits, including weight loss and a decrease in my thyroid medication (per blood test results). I started eating more cooked food, and I ended up needing more thyroid medication (per new blood tests). I knew it was time to go to Angel's Health Institute to learn more about this lifestyle so I could learn the necessary tools to be 100% raw for a long period of time, to maximize the benefits of this healing lifestyle. I learned so much during my week at Angel's Health Institute, I don't know where to begin. At Angel's, I learned why my diet was affecting my thyroid so much, how my diet affects the world, how my thoughts affect my health and the world around me, and more. I got fabulous meal ideas, and learned a lot about the best ways to care for myself for optimal healing. I know I healed more at the institute than I would have at home due to the healing and positive environment I was in. At Angel's Health Institute, I learned about a lot more than just diet, or even just health. I learned about a whole new "me", one that I was excited about being! I have an increased sense of activism and taking care of those around me----including our four-legged friends. I'm so grateful for my time at the institute, and once again, my Grave's Disease is on the decline.


I cannot believe how calm and relaxed I was during my visit to Angel's Health Institute---even though people were working on the property! I learned so much, I got in touch with nature again, and I felt no pressure to socialize when my body was requesting rest, or any of the other things we do in everyday life that can lead to poor health. What a lovely time it was! I cannot wait to return!

Ti Reimann

... I do not know where to start. What a wonderful passion you and Ken share in your quest for knowledge and your generosity in sharing all you have learned with others. You opened your beautiful home to strangers, and to my dogs, and welcomed us in. You always had our comfort in mind. You both started us all on a journey to better health, a better life and gave us the knowledge for a better earth. I am so amazed at the wonderful retreat you offer. I loved that it was so intimate, we all had time to share our thoughts, our concerns, and ask our many questions. I so appreciate that if we had an issue you resolved it, thank you. Your program was not just about how to eat a Raw Living diet, you taught us how to experience it, you showed us how to obtain optimal health, you showed us how you live it and why it is so important to the earth to follow this. Our eyes were opened to what is happening in this world that supports us. We learned that it is now time for all of us to give back to the earth, to stop contributing to the waste of animal and plant life, to embrace the knowledge we have and to share this with others... (read entire letter)


"Since meeting Peggy a few years ago, and seeing the healthful results she has accomplished in her own life, I have been encouraged by her to do better with my own diet and with better food intake to help with my own health as well as my husband's. We continually work on doing better with our own nutrition and rejecting the chemically laden foods that have been infused into our standard grocery products available to the general population. ... (read entire letter)

Carol Dekorte

Dear Peggy and Ken,

You have provided me and my family with a lifetime of education in the new healthy organic raw food lifestyle. My son was on all the doctorsí prescription drugs and even the mandatory public school nurse medicine, until I chose to take our health back through the natural way that you teach. He is now doing great in school and at home with out any medication. I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have taught me and my family.



Peggy and Ken are very good friends of ours. One evening they invited us to dinner. At that time my husband and I hadnít eaten a completely raw meal. It was wonderful! After dinner Peggy asked if we would like to see a video and of course we said yes. The video was on the effects of aspartame in our food and drink.

The video was very graphic of what it could do to the human body. My husband has been drinking diet soda for over 14 years. And I have been drinking it for about nine years. Watching the video made us realize just how poisonous it was. As a result that very evening my husband and I poured all the soda down the drain and have not use it since. We thank Peggy and Ken so much for the dinner and video that opened our eyes to aspartame.

Charlie and Al Herring


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