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Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008

Hi Peggy,

wow, what an outstanding 3 weeks I had, thank you so much.

I do not know where to start. What a wonderful passion you and Ken share in your quest for knowledge and your generosity in sharing all you have learned with others. You opened your beautiful home to strangers, and to my dogs, and welcomed us in. You always had our comfort in mind. You both started us all on a journey to better health, a better life and gave us the knowledge for a better earth. I am so amazed at the wonderful retreat you offer. I loved that it was so intimate, we all had time to share our thoughts, our concerns, and ask our many questions. I so appreciate that if we had an issue you resolved it, thank you. Your program was not just about how to eat a Raw Living diet, you taught us how to experience it, you showed us how to obtain optimal health, you showed us how you live it and why it is so important to the earth to follow this. Our eyes were opened to what is happening in this wo rld that supports us. We learned that it is now time for all of us to give back to the earth, to stop contributing to the waste of animal and plant life, to embrace the knowledge we have and to share this with others.

I am very fortunate that I do not have any known serious health issues. I do have a stressful occupation and have for a long time needed Benadryl and Advil at night in order to unwind, relax and sleep. I no longer am needing these, as long as I stay on course, I sleep solid.

I never was hungry, we had the opportunity to get as much food as we needed, which ended up not being as much as I thought I needed. I was very satisfied with the menu plan, and emotionally very content.

I am so excited to be able to share this knowledge with my family, friends, unknown persons, and my patients. I so loved your forum in giving us this information, you certainly "kept it simple" which always made the talks easy to absorb, with many resources available for us to delve in deeper, thank you again. I look forward to sharing the wonderful space you both created in your home and land in the future. You both have a wonderful family, I felt honored to be a part of them for the 3 weeks we were there. Your daughters and Erica did a phenomenal job in food prep, presentation and instruction. They worked hard and always were ready with a smile and an answer to our questions. Thank you girls... :-) I would like to give you a suggestion. I feel that Larry is an asset for you. It would be wonderful to have him be there for some of your classes, especially when you have your reflexology/message/energy talks. I would also strongly suggest that you offer his massage/energy skills to your participants, he has so much life in his touch and has so much to offer. Also I believe if he were more involved he would continue on a healthier track for himself and have the confidence to pursue the dreams he is unsure of following. He has so much to offer. I also feel fortunate in meeting him and plan on going to see his performance when I go back up there, so tell him thankyou for me for all he gave and shared with us. Please tell Jimmy that when I left my home 3 weeks ago, my 2 cherry trees were full of little green cherries. When I got home and looked up in the trees, there was not one cherry. I noticed that there were little cherry pits on the ground. I was thinking that my sons must of come by and picked the trees. I asked my neighbor... he said the squirrels got them all!!! There were at least 3 squirrels in the tree at all times!

I am back at work now, I have brought in little tidbits of samples for everyone and they are loving it, they all want to be my guinea pigs!!!! I have been busy reorganizing my kitchen to make it user friendly and enjoyable to work in.

I do have some questions:
-Grape Seed Extract, is this a liquid? the only type I can fine is in a capsule.
-Soaking the nuts, over night correct? and to dehydrate them, how long does it normally take? how do I know that they are dry enough?
-How long does the cheese spread/dip last? I want to dry the leftovers before it goes bad
-My "Mother" I brought home, the Scoby, (that jar was also cracked, I went to Costco and bought a huge jar of pickles), anyway, there is about 4 inches of liquid. Do I wait till a new one grows on the top? or should I just prepare a new batch of tea and sugar and pour it in with the Mother?

Remember to take some down time so you will be enjoying your Anniversary party, thank you for everything, sorry this e-mail was so very long,



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