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Personal Testimonials
"Since meeting Peggy a few years ago, and seeing the healthful results she has accomplished in her own life, I have been encouraged by her to do better with my own diet and with better food intake to help with my own health as well as my husband's. We continually work on doing better with our own nutrition and rejecting the chemically laden foods that have been infused into our standard grocery products available to the general population.

Reading new books available on the wellness revolution and listening to Peggy on what she has learned, has opened our eyes into seeing that what we put into our bodies can make a huge difference in our overall health. It is so exciting to learn about the new research that is taking place in this area, and it's available to all of us!

Peggy has also encouraged me to 'do my own research' and to search out answers for my own specific needs. One of the newest revelations we have found is that complimentary supplements specific to our own body's needs combined with the essential good nutrition of fruits, nuts and vegetables, as well as the delicious green drinks & diet that Peggy teaches at Angel's Place can greatly help with keeping us as healthy as possible during the aging process. In addition, it is a "yummy & easy" way to feed our bodies the key elements that it needs and wants.

It is fun and exciting to see what is happening in the areas of proper nutrition as a "key' that unlocks the door & makes us function better as well as just generally feeling better every day. After all, who enjoys being in sickness and ill-health? We are what we eat, and it is fun and exciting to learn what is out there for each of us to use and apply to our lifestyle.

I trust more people will be encouraged to find out the good things happening at Angel's Place as well as search out what they should 'feed' themselves and how those items greatly affect our bodies and general overall health every day!"

"Carol" - Central Point, OR.



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