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The Art of Live, Cultured and Fermented Foods
For centuries before refrigeration our ancestors preserved their food through the cold winters with fermentation. This time honored practice also ensured that their digestive tracts were healthy and flourishing with live enzymes and micro flora.

Our modern world has weakened our systems by removing cultured, fermented and dehydrated foods from our diet and introducing killers like antibiotics, stress, coffee and alcohol, improper food combining.

Reintroduce living, cultured, fermented and dehydrated foods into your diet during this intensive 3 day workshop with Peggy McDonnell. Start building back your healthy bacteria that aids in digestion, elimination and nutrient absorption. Learn the relationship between living, cultured and fermented foods and your health. A must course for children with Autism, ADD & ADHD.

You Will Learn...
  • Why Your Body Needs Fermented and Cultured Foods
  • Diseases Associated with Poor Digestion
  • How to Make Organic Cultured Butter And Ghee
  • The Body Ecology Diet
  • How to Make Sauerkraut With and Without Salt
  • How to Make Kefirs from Coconut Milk and Goat Milk
  • How to Make the Korean Fermented Food - Kimchee
  • How to Grow and Preserve Sprouts
  • How to Grow and Enhance Wheatgrass
  • All About Healthy Fats and Why You Need Them
  • How to Use a Food Dehydrator
Celebrate your new lifestyle with important knowledge - understand why people get sick, how important living food knowledge is in obtaining optimal health, and the amazing benefits of this lifestyle to our planet's health.

Program Schedule
Friday (optional)
1pm Check-in to Rooms
5pm Farm Tour
6pm Snacks and Dinner
7pm Video Presentation
8am Breakfast
9:30am Lecture
12noon Lunch
2pm Food Prep Class
6pm Dinner
7:30pm Video Presentation
8am Breakfast
10am Food Prep Class
12noon Lunch
2pm Food Prep Class
5pm Open Discussion

Total Program Costs $385 per Person
Includes Recipe Book

Rates do not include lodging.
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This knowledge may just save your life or the life of someone you love!

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