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Angel's Health Watch Newsletter - October 1, 2009

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October Newsletter
Angel's Health Institute
Message from our Founders

Peggy McDonnel & Ken Brown
Please take a moment to read this post and let us know what you think.

We think it is very important to get the message out to the general public about the dangers of vaccines and the standard American diet.

With endless amounts of toxins in our food, air and water, Angel's Health Institute seeks to educate the individual about reversing and avoiding of these debilitating additives.

It is becoming clear to many that these poisons we encounter everyday are not meerly the unfortunate yet nessessary byproducts of a industrialized world.
It is becoming obvious that there is a human agenda and intelligent design behind this degradation of our environment and food supply.

What are we to do about it? Aside from opening up a health education facility with 7,000 sq. ft. of greenhouses,  running a wheatgrass and sprouting operation, amassing a huge inventory of audio and visual materials all related to this subject, offering thousands of health products and going on tour to talk about these issues, you can support us by getting out our message to your friends family and social network.

Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Ken Brown & PeggyMcDonnell
Founders of Angel's Health Institute
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Sacremento Interview
Upcoming Events
Anti Vaccine Information
Fall Recipes
New Interviews
The Store is OPEN!
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Sacremento Interview with Russ Bechtold             On the Road Again
Russ Bechtold of Health Forward Online helped us organize our Protocol 4 Life lecture at Richard Hemsley's raw food restaurant, The Art of Food, in Sacremento this past September. Russ had this to say about working with Ken and Peggy and compiling this video interview,

"Thank you both for what you do. It is truly a blessing to have you both providing the services that you provide. It's because of people like you that make this world a better place"

Part 1
Part 2

Thanks to Richard Hemsley and guests for an inspiring exchange. We loved this lecture.

Please check our Calendar of Events for upcoming lectures and workshops

Upcoming Events At Angel's Health Institute

Art of Live, Cultured & Fermented Foods

December 4th, 5th and 6th
Reintroduce living, cultured, fermented and dehydrated foods into your diet during this intensive 3 day workshop with Peggy McDonnell. Start building back your healthy bacteria that aids in digestion, elimination and nutrient absorption. Learn the relationship between living, cultured and fermented foods and your health. A must course for children with Autism, ADD & ADHD. Register early and consider yourself Booked.

Protocol 4 Life Full Week Program

November  7th to the 14th
Angel's Raw Kitchen
We will take you through a transition period from the Standard American Diet and Detoxification to a Living Foods, High Enzyme Diet of fresh whole vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds in a safe and friendly environment. Guest Host Colin Rosati is a Master Hypnotist from Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.  Colin will be augmenting the program with special inductions designed to remove blocks and help you reach your goals. This is a great bonus to an already great course. Book on line or call 1 877 890-8209 or 541 855-1846.

Secrets of Vibrant  Health with Wayne Rowland and Guests

Saturday, October 10th, 2009
10 am - 5 pm
Free (donations will be accepted)

Unlock the Secrets of Ultimate Health With, Extraordinary Researchers; Dynamic Inventors; Incredible Technologies and Teachers of Natural Healing

Wayne Rowland has products in engineering and natural healing. He has built upon his early Native American training and the research of Nicola Tesla, Royal Rife and Wilhelm Rike. He will be sharing his knowledge about parasites and stressors and how to eradicate them.

Ken Brown & Peggy McDonnellare the dynamic duo behind Angel's Health Institute in Central Point Oregon. Ken has been researching genetics, the mineral code, biodynamics, vibrational medicine and ocean water technology. Peggy has over a dozen years into research, certification and learning in a holistic health model. Her segment is called Beyond Raw Foods.

Dr. Yury Kronn is a world renowned research scientist and inventor of the subtle energy field infusion generator (SEFIG) which imprints subtle energy patterns into concentrated trace minerals to realize a significant and immediate beneficial effect upon the body.

Rama Malone will be introducing the Scio., a quantum biofeedback stress reduction device, capable of reading and interpreting stressors within the body and providing healing frequencies to bring harmony by reducing stress.

Michael King is a Life Enrichment consultant, a medical intuitive, an herbalist, a researcher of nature's most powerful healing resources the world over and author. He shares how to detoxify, nourish and rejuvenate the body by utilizing the most life building natural resources on the planer. He also teaches the Blessing Transformation.

Please contact us to reserve your spot. We expect this free workshop to fill up.
1 877 890-8209 or 541 855-1846

Anti Vaccine Information

The debate rages on over whether or not we will be forced to take this H1N1 vaccine. All fingers are pointing to the mounting evidence that this is a man made bio-weapon, the implications of which are astounding. Join the fight against the illegal and immoral pressure to take the vaccine and prevent this madness from taking over our world.

Philosophical & Religious Objections to Vaccines

Learn about the side effects of the H1N1 vaccine and why you shouldn't take it; protect yourself and your family by learning this valuable information. In the U.S., an estimated 25-50 million cases of the flu (that's just the plain olanti vaccine rally in Vancouver, BCd regular flu) are currently reported each year - leading to 150,000 hospitalizations and 30,000-40,000 deaths yearly.

So far the H1N1 has killed SIX people in the US according to the department of Health. Already 4.9 billion vaccines have been purchased, putting in effect a worldwide inoculation program and trying to make it "mandatory" in schools and work places without even giving proper notification or information about the vaccine and its side effects.

The last time the Swine Flu vaccine was administered was in 1976 when 500 US citizens contracted Guillain-Barre syndrome (which was directly linked to the inoculation) a serious disorder that occurs when the body's defense (immune) system mistakenly attacks part of the nervous system. This leads to nerve inflammation that causes muscle weakness, which continues to get worse. Symptoms of Guillain-Barre get worse very quickly. It may take only a few hours to reach the most severe symptoms. Muscle weakness or the loss of muscle function (paralysis) affects both sides of the body.

Don't be caught unaware, know your rights. You can avoid this vaccine and all others as well. Please help us make knowledge contagious by educating yourself and others.
Below is the information for both Federal and State law protecting you and your family against unwanted vaccines.

Downloadable .pdf Version

Also, in 1976 the swine flu vaccine was introduced and 500 US citizens contracted Guillain-Barré syndrome from it. There was a CBS 60 minutes episode on TV that only ever aired ONCE in the 70's. Here are the you tube links to that episode below.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Since the first world wide anti vaccine demonstrations took place on August 28th of this year, more have been organized all over the world. Peggy and Ken attended the first ever rally in Vancouver, BC. Vancouver had its second organized anti-vaccine rally on September 26th. Here is a video of segments from the successful event.

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Fall Recipes from Angel's Kitchen

Moroccan Carrot Salad

8 carrots peeled
˝  Cup Fresh Parsley, chopped
˝  Cup Fresh Orange Juice
2 Tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice
2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
˝  Tsp Salt
Dash Cayenne
Dash Ground Cumin
Thinly slice the carrots using a mandolin or a sharp knife. Place in a mixing bowl along with the remaining ingredients. Toss well.  Stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator.
Peggy's Suggestion: To make sweet, substitute the Cayenne and Cumin with Raisins & Agave

Peggy's Almond-DateTorte

5 Cups Dry Sprouted Almonds
1 Cup Medjool Dates, unsoaked
1 ˝  Cups Medjool Dates, soaked
3 Tbsp Carob Powder
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1 Tsp Cinnamon
Fruit Slices: Mango, Banana, your choice......
Put 1 Cup Almonds in Food Processor on S-Blade.  Grind to a meal. Spread a layer on the cake or pie dish. This is so it doesn't stick. A more economic substitute could be shredded coconut. Put the other 4 cups of almonds into the Food Processor (S-blade again) and break down so it's easier for them to blend. They should be in small chunks. Add Carob, Vanilla, Cinnamon and 1 cup unsoaked Dates and blend into a stiff dough. Form part of the dough into a cake or torte, the size that you want.  Add a layer of your favorite sliced fruit(s). Drizzle with agave, and make another cake layer. Continue until you run out of cake. Blend remaining 1 ˝ Cup soaked dates into a puree and use it to frost the cake.

New Interviews with Peggy McDonnell and Ken Brown

We have been marketing Angel's Health Institute through Beyond 50 Radio. A couple of their initiatives are making interviews and videos public.

Here is Daniel Davis interviewing Ken For Beyond 50's "Sustainable & Eco-Friendly" talks. Ken explains about intimately connecting the missing ingredients to the ultimate health of plants while dancing in the uncharted territory of science. Brown has successfully grown highly nutritious and organic foods using cutting edge, unique growing methods with sound, subtle energy, salt water and biodynamics. Beyond Organics - The Missing LInk

For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, watch a video interview with Peggy McDonnell, Co-Founder of the Angel's Health Institute in Southern Oregon. She will explain about going through a total health transformation that took years - eating mostly a raw and whole foods diet. If you have health challenges, Angel's Health Institute is designed to help you take a holistic approach to self-heal and regenerate.
Angel's Country General Store is OPEN! 

Store Hours: 9 am to 6 pm 7 days a week.

Location: Angel's Organic Farm, 9394 Blackwell Rd. Central Point, OR, 97502

Angel's is a distributor for many alternative health products and appliances. We are soon to have a complete list of all our offerings.

Here is a sample: Dr. Jameth Sheridan's Health Force Nutritionals; Donna Gates's Body Ecology Line; Nutrilink products, Zeta Force and Mineral Force; Excaliber Dehydrators; Lexan Juicers; Champion Juicers; Wheatgrass kits; Sprouting trays; Nut milk bags; Dry brushes; Tinctures; Trace minerals; Feminine hygene products; Coconut and Palm oils; Books; DVD's; Blessed Herbs colon cleanses.....

Ask if you have a hard to get item or just don't want to have to travel so far to get it. We offer shipping as well.

Daily fresh cut wheatgrass and pea sprouts and sunflower sprouts are also available.

We are also selling and taking orders for Hand Blown Art Glass.

Thanks to Aeon & Nathalie who are working hard in the wheatgrass and sprouts department, we are happy to announce new locations to buy our extra fortified super foods.

Ashland OR:              Market of Choice & Shop N Cart
Medford, OR:            Food 4 Less
Grants Pass, OR:       Gooseberries
Applegate, OR:          Annie Mac uses only Angel's wheatgrass and sprouts at her juice shop

Our famous Potlucks still happen the last Friday of every month. $5.00 donation includes a socially conscience movie and lots of great people. Check the link above for guidelines.

Lets all play an active roll as stewards for a healthy and informed future. Please contact us to find out how you can get active.

Thanks for all your continued support. Please help us spread our message.Forward to a Friend

Yours Truly,
Peggy McDonnell & Ken Brown
Angel's Health Institute
Angel's Organic Farm
9394 Blackwell Rd.
Central Point, Oregon, 97502
541 855-1846

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