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Angel's Health Watch Newsletter - September 1, 2009

Angel's Health Institute                                                                             September Newsletter
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September Newsletter
Angel's Health Institute
Message from our Founders
Lots of Good Stuff Happening at Angel's

Ken & Peg at English Bay, Vancouver, BC
August was a busy traveling month for us.

We toured to
Eugene, Florence, Vegas and
Here we are at English Bay in Vancouver, BC in front of the sunset. We are excited about our
Protocol 4 Life Tours. We had great responses in both Las Vegas and Vancouver.

We are hopeful in these turbulent times to be on the cutting edge of discovery and awareness so that all our brothers and sisters on this planet can survive in peace and wellness through out this century.

With your help, our message of recovery and resistance to disease can be
made a done deal, so that we can retire knowing we did our job. We are providing valuable information in this newsletter. Go out and spread the news.

Yours Truly,
Ken Brown & PeggyMcDonnell
Founders of Angel's Health Institute
In This Issue
The Real Cost of Cheap Food
Protocol 4 Life Lectures
Courses & Workshops
Anti Vaccine Information
Summer Recipes
The Store is OPEN!
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The Real Cost of Cheap Food

Astonishingly to us at Angel's, the current issue of TIME magazine has an article slamming factory farming and the ecological devastation that accompanies it. We are hoping that this article makes a huge wave in the mainstream that doesn't stop.  Read it, pass it on to your friends, publish it on your blog, ect, ect...

time magazine coverFor an even better take on this timely issue written in the summer of 2008, read this well researched article written by Brendan Brazier.

Hopefully mainstream media will finally equate the "climate crisis" with an animal based diet.

Angel's Health Institute is very committed to animal rights and animal welfare. Peggy McDonnell spent many years raising dogs and operating a rescue shelter and kennel on the property. In fact Angel's Health Institute was a kennel for many years starting at the turn of the century.

Although health issues necessitate that Peggy and Ken are no longer vegans or vegetarians, there is a healthy and ecologically sound way to eat animal products and it is not through factory farming or drag-netting the seas.

Protocol 4 Life Lecture Tours                               On the Road Again

Vancouver Protocol 4 Life LecturePeggy and Ken were in Vancouver BC and spoke to 49 guests at the Protocol 4 Life lecture hosted by RawBC on August 29th. It was great to see so many hands in the air and the constant interaction between guests and hosts.

Vegas was another hit and we want to thank Joseph Michael of The Healing Center of Las Vegas for hosting us.

Upcoming Protocol 4 Life Lectures

Saturday Sept. 26th, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm,
The Art of Food, 1825 Del Paso Blvd. 95815,
Please RSVP to Russ@HealthForwardOnline
or call (916) 342 3133
$15.00 admission (includes Green Machine Drink)

Shingle Springs, California
Sunday Sept. 27th, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm,
Journey Center, #106 - 3976 Durock Rd. 95682
Please RSVP to
or call 1 877 890 8209
investment in your health: $15.00

Lively and informative, you will rethink what you thought you knew about healthy living and the "raw food movement". Peggy and Ken speak from the heart and first hand experience. You will not be lectured to, you will be engaged in conversation.

Book Certified Health Educators, Ken Brown & Peggy McDonnell at your next event. Email us or call our office at 1 877 890 8209 or
541 855-1846 to arrange the details.

You can also book a Protocol 4 Life Corporate Seminar for your company. Fill out a request form on our website here.

Please check our Calendar of Events often for updates and/or changes.

 Courses & Workshops

The next Art of Live, Cultured & Fermented Foods is starting to fill up. Information for this and the Protocol 4 Life Weekend are on the course calendar. Book Here

Guest Host Retreats

Life Transformation Retreat        
October 18th to 31st, 2009

Guest Host Richard Hemsley, Raw Foods Chef from the Art of Food Restaurant in Sacremento, CA will be joining us for the program and teaching some of his culinary skills for our food prep portions. Richard has a theatrical and charming manner that will keep you entertained and informed. Book on line or call
1 877 890-8209 or 541 855-1846.

Protocol 4 Life Full Week Program
November  15th to the 24th
Announcing Guest Host Colin Rosati. Colin is a Master Hypnotist from Vancouver and Toronto, Canada.  We have long wanted to combine hypnosis with one of Angel's life changing programs. This is a great bonus to an already great course. Book on line or call 1 877 890-8209 or 541 855-1846.

Just Announced

Wayne Rowland
Saturday, October 10th, 2009
All Day workshop and evening lecture.
This is a must attend workshop!
Putting together the most powerful health information available to our community, researcher Wayne Rowland has spent the majority of his time discovering and inventing ways to heal.
Some of these include a powerful frequency enhanced Silver Water manufactured with lightning! His health advancements are built upon his Native American training and the research of revolutionary pioneers such as Nicola Tesla, Royal Rife, and Wilhelm Rike among others.
Wayne has been described as a 'living natural health encyclopedia'. Attendees of his lectures find him a dynamic, vibrant speaker. His lifetime wealth of stories and experiences in the field of natural healing will keep you spellbound!
Many have said that attending his workshop was the biggest life changing event they had ever experienced. Wayne believes in simplicity; the closer to nature, the better!

Details to be announced. Includes Live Blood Analysis.
Please contact us for more information, 1 877 890-8209 or 541 855-1846

Dr. Ariel Policano & The Women Go Raw Tour
Thursday, September 17th, 2009
Details to be announced.
Please contact us for more information, 1 877 890-8209 or 541 855-1846

Anti Vaccine Information

In case you hadn't heard, there is a mass movement to inject you and your children with the H1N1 virus. It always amazes me how many people are totally oblivious to the real motives and the real hazards behind this scenario. The case against vaccination has been well heard for decades now.  Well known researchers, Mike Adams and Dr. Gabriel Cousins are against vaccinations.

vaccine resistance rally in vancouverThis latest so called epidemic, moves beyond the credulous into the creepy when the facts are carefully surveyed.

Peg and Ken were in Vancouver BC this last August 28th and happened to attend the first ever anti vaccination rally held in the world.

Many health advocates and doctors are fighting hard to resist this bizarre, media supported government induction. Take action here with Care 2- A Universal Declaration of Resistance to Mandatory Vaccinations. Contact your local and federal government and let them know you are against forced vaccinations.

More Links for Information on this current vaccination hype.
Here is an excellent article by Devvy Kidd.
Some thing to consider if you think you might not want to take the vaccine.
A top epidemiologist sums it all up - It's all about money.
And if you thought that wasn't bad enough, watch this.
Summer Recipes

Basil Pesto Spread

1 Cup Sunflower Seeds (or whichever you prefer)
Approx: 2 Cups Fresh Basil (or to taste)
1/8 Cup Olive Oil
2 Cloves Garlic Chopped
4 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast
1/2 Tsp Sea Salt

1/8 Cup Water
Blend in Vitamix or strong blender until super creamy. Put in fridge to thicken. This works great for a green pizza cheese! Try mixing it up a bit: Substitute the Basil for Cilantro to top a Potatoes, Red Pepper & Spinach Breakfast plate, or use Dill for an awesome cracker spread!

Peggy's Power Crackers
2 Cups Whole Flax Seeds, soaked
1 Cup Pumpkin Seeds, sprouted
1 Cup Sunflower Seeks, sprouted
1/2  Cup Sesame Seeds, soaked
1/4 - 1/2 Cup Bragg's, or to taste
2 - 4 Cloves Garlic
Flavorful Additions:
Red, Yellow and/or Orange Bell Pepper, diced
Onion, diced or blended
Jalapeno, minced
Cayenne Pepper
Poultry Seasoning
Simply Organic's Fajita, Pesto, Taco or other seasoning packets
Leftover raw salad, dressings, cheeses, pate's or spreads.....just blend, chop and add!
Pour soaked flax and nuts into a large bowl. Set aside. Pulse or blend pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds in Food Processor with S-blade.  Add all ingredients together, mix in your seasonings and spoon onto Teflex sheets to be placed into your dehydrator overnight. :)

BONUS Kefir Recipe

1.Heat 1 quart of raw, unpasteurized Milk or 2 cups of Goat or Coconut milk  to 92˚
2.Add 1 pkg of Body Ecology Kefir Starter & stir until thoroughly dissolved.
3.Pour into a glass jar and close the lid. Let ferment for 18-24 hours at 75˚ or until the mixture becomes thick and sour. Note: Coconut ferments 36-48 hrs and will look milky and bubbly.
4.Refrigerate and enjoy delicious healthy drinks! Shelf life is about 1 full week.
5.Don't forget to save 6 teaspoons of your original batch as a starter for up to 7 more batches before starting a new package of Kefir Starter!
Angel's Country General Store is OPEN! 

Store Hours: 9 am to 6 pm 7 days a week.

Location: Angel's Organic Farm, 9394 Blackwell Rd. Central Point, OR, 97502

Angel's is a distributor for many alternative health products and appliances. We are soon to have a complete list of all our offerings.

Here is a sample: Dr. Jameth Sheridan's Health Force Nutritionals; Donna Gates's Body Ecology Line; Nutrilink products, Zeta Force and Mineral Force; Excaliber Dehydrators; Lexan Juicers; Champion Juicers; Wheatgrass kits; Sprouting trays; Nut milk bags; Dry brushes; Tinctures; Trace minerals; Feminine hygene products; Coconut and Palm oils; Books; DVD's; Blessed Herbs colon cleanses.....

Ask if you have a hard to get item or just don't want to have to travel so far to get it. We offer shipping as well.

Daily fresh cut wheatgrass and pea sprouts and sunflower sprouts are also available.

We are also selling and taking orders for Hand Blown Art Glass.

Thanks to Aeon & Nathalie who are working hard in the wheatgrass and sprouts department, we are happy to announce new locations to buy our extra fortified super foods.

Ashland OR:              Market of Choice & Shop N Cart
Medford, OR:            Food 4 Less
Grants Pass, OR:       Gooseberries
Applegate, OR:          Annie Mac uses only Angel's wheatgrass and sprouts at her juice shop

Curves in Grants Pass is inviting us in on the 12th of September to demonstrate to their eager members and we all know that means more, more, more.

Our famous Potlucks still happen the last Friday of every month. $5.00 donation includes a socially conscience movie and lots of great people. Check the link above for guidelines.

Lets all play an active roll as stewards for a healthy and informed future. Please contact us to find out how you can get active.

Thanks for all your continued support.

Yours Truly,
Peggy McDonnell & Ken Brown
Angel's Health Institute
Angel's Organic Farm
9394 Blackwell Rd.
Central Point, Oregon, 97502
541 855-1846

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