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Angel's Health Watch Newsletter - June 28, 2009
July 2009
Vol 1, Issue 2
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Angel's Health Institute Newsletter
All Star Weekend
Angel's Health Institute is happy to announce our next Life Transformation Retreat Program starting July 12th, Upcoming Protocol 4 Life Lecture Tours, Enhanced Organic Wheatgrass and Sprouts ordering info and hot off the press releases from The Raw Union Festival held on site at Angel's Health Institute this past June 19th, 20th and 21st, Summer Solstice weekend. Read on.....
We Sell & Ship Wheatgrass, Sunflower Sprouts and Pea Sprouts
wheatgrass & sunflower sprouts
At Angel's Health Institute, we pride ourselves on growing the best tasting Wheatgrass,  Sunflower Sprouts and Pea sprouts in the country.

Using advanced technologies like sound frequencies, subtle energy and ocean water, we are producing the most nutrient dense wheatgrass and sprouts we have ever seen. Angel's Health Institute is the only institute known to use subtle energy technology in our greenhouse, sprouting and wheatgrass operations. You can both taste and feel the difference!

Wheatgrass is good for: Oxygenating the Blood; Building Blood Nutrients; Alkalizing your body; Reducing high blood pressure; Building tissue; Adding digestive enzymes; and much much more...

Healthier plants with more energy and longer shelf life make ordering from Angel's Health Institute the natural choice when it comes to your health. We ship and sell Wheatgrass and Sunflower Sprouts and Pea Sprouts in trays or cut and packaged. Call 1 877 890 8209 or click here to order.

In This Issue
Wheatgrass & Sprouts
Get a Free Juicer
Media Blitz
Protocol 4 Life Tours
Raw Union Wrap Up
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Register Now for our Next Life Transformation Retreat and get a Free Wheatgrass Juicer
Get a Free Wheatgrass Juicer
Used in clinics all over the world, the living foods lifestyle is having great success in dis-ease reversal and is continuing to grow as research and science evolve, substantiating the health benefits associated with this program. Join Certified Health Educators, Peggy McDonnell & Ken Brown and immerse yourself in their diverse educations on new health topics in this easy to understand life changing program.

This course is actually a condensed version of Life Transformation Retreat Weeks 1 & 2. We will be renaming it under our Protocol 4 Life short courses as Life Transformation Retreat Condensed Course and charging more for it. This will be the last time we offer this course at this price. Register now for the July 12 to 18th course and get a free juicer.
Media Blitz for Angel's Health Institute
Ken Brown, Peggy McDonnell, Kevin & Anne Marie GianniMany of you probably know Kevin & Anne Marie Gianni who pioneer health related media events, produce The Renegade Health Show and Live Awesome website. Kevin & Anne Marie are traveling the country in a bio deisel bus they have named The Kale Whale.

We were lucky enough to have them attend the RAW UNION Festival and stay an extra day to interview Ken & Peg about the groundbreaking techniques Ken uses to grow his plants in the greenhouses. Watch the video that Kevin produced called How to Grow Plants With Sound & Music to understand why our wheatgrass and sprouts taste so good.

Ken Brown was recently interviewed by Daniel Davis of the Beyond 50 Radio show, for Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks. Listen to the interview entitled Disease Reversal Through Proper Nutrition.  Ken explains about the kind of nutrition needed to reverse a chronic disease and the lifestyle to support that. You'll also learn why Angel's Health Institute is exceptional as a health education retreat center.

Angel's Health Institute is also available for private & corporate rentals. Any or all of Angel's programs and alternative therapies can be valued added to your specialized retreat or function. This short updated video highlights some of Angel's beauty and sumptuousness.

Protocol 4 Life Lecture Tour Coming to Your Town
Ken & Peg are hitting the road. These short seminars are designed to introduce you to the work being done at Angel's Health Institute and will surely have you rethinking what you thought you knew about healthy living.

Hear their life stories and triumphant recoveries from what doctors determined were incurable diseases. Discuss Dis-ease Reversal topics for Cancer, Diabetes, Lyme Disease and more.

Canyonville, OR: Friday July 10th, 1pm to 3pm in Stanton Park, FREE
Bandon, OR: Saturday, July 11th, 12noon to 3pm, VFW Hall, 55352 Bates Rd, $20.00, seniors & veterans FREE
Roseburg, OR: Sunday, July 12th, 10am to 1pm, Jasmine's, 809 SE Main St, $20.00, seniors & veterans FREE
Florence, Eugene & Springfield OR: TBA. Check our calendar for these dates in July.
Raw Union Festival Wrap Up & Highlights
Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes get marriedWe created a special page on Angel's Health Institute's website with lots of photos & text so you can get a good idea of the great event that it was. Thanks to Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes-Monarch for making this event possible and giving Angel's the opportunity to host both the festival and their amazing wedding. A big thank you to all the volunteers, special guests, vendors and attendees. We are thrilled with the level of participation, co-operation and community that we experienced together.
Our goal is to deliver these newsletters to you once a month going forward. Please feel free to offer any suggestions you may have for us. In addition, Angel's Health Institute is actively seeking community co-creators in areas of the greenhouse, office and yoga. Please contact us if you feel drawn to any of these callings. We look forward to seeing you here at Angel's Health Institute or at our next Protocol 4 Life Lecture Tour or at one of our monthly potlucks that happen on the last Friday of every month.

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