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Angel's Health Watch Newsletter - April 16, 2009
April 16, 2009

CDCs Children's Recommendations in Question

We must stop using our children as laboratory experiments.

Through a new ad campaign, the CDC is blatantly attempting to force and deceive the American public regarding the health and welfare of future generations.

I was saddened once again while reading the current issue of Working Mothers Magazine full page ad from none other than the CDC stating the recommendation that young girls age 11 & 12 receive vaccinations for cervical cancer.

It is my dream to help wake up the sleepy parents and adults in this country to this potentially catastrophic program.

The protocol is to prophylactically protect our children from a cancer through the use of vaccinations.

Let us all become aware and educated on this critical topic and hold the CDC responsible to their own mission statement, hold your doctors liable for their actions and our magazines who prostitute themselves for financial gain over the health and welfare of their own consumers, accountable for the content they provide to us.

Please wake up and protect our children.

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