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Angel's Health Watch Newsletter - April 02, 2009
April 02, 2009

Vaccine Safety in America

In a world now being overrun with information coming from every direction and source, it is critical for each and every one of us to seek truth and investigate the source that our information comes from.

Our childrens' health, both short and long term, is our most important concern.
Let us demand that our licensed health care providers ALSO perform their own research and investigate the vaccine institution thoroughly to allow themselves to make more educated decisions.
This information can then be passed on to their patients - you and your children.

Please hold your health practitioners accountable for their actions by downloading one of the following vaccine safety forms.
Please have them sign this important document prior to receiving a vaccine.

Dr Mercola's Vaccine Form You Can Give to Your Pediatrician

Dr Mercola's article: "Why Vaccines Aren't Safe"

Download Vaccination Liberation's Vaccine Warranty Form

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